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I have a need to do linings with paint on the sides of coaches and locos, in particular the yellow lines on the sides of Tri-ang/Hornby maroon LMS Mk1 coaches, and also more complex linings on the sides of a Kitmaster Deltic. I have seen photos in several Hornby historical books of women using "mapping pens" to hand paint the bands around loco boilers, and I am astounded at the degree of "hand steadiness" they must have had to do this -- I certainly don't have it. In addition, I have not been able to locate any kind of instrument to do this work, other than pens that use ink rather than paint, or Testors "paint pens" that don't seem to be satisfactory. I have also tried narrow striping tape, but this doesn't seem to work well either. Am I better off looking for lining decals instead? Can any group members share the techniques they use? I would very much appreciate any suggestions.

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John Whitney Atlanta, Georgia USA

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Do a Google search on "coach lining". Two retailers in the UK are Mainly Trains and Holt Model Railways. Fox Transfers make Deltic decals.

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There are the Bob Moore lining pens sold direct or through Phoenix Precision paints. They have 3 nib sizes and guides attached to the pen which can be used against a former to remove the need for a steady hand. They use neat Humbrol paint and are excellent. Only downside is the cost or roughly £100.

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