Bachmann Deltic Modifications for 2004 - where do they get the gen from??

Just got latest Collectors club mag, on page 4, it states that the new
Deltics for 2004 are to be modified prior to final production.
Deltic 2 will be produced with running numbers of D9002!! - if the
loco is to be presented as preserved by the NRM with plated over
headcode box and full yellow panel it should be numbered 55002.
Deltic 12 to be produced minus white cabs - ok, but if produced with
the headcode boxes plated over it could have white cabs as the trade
mark of a Finsbury Park Deltic in the latter day's.
Brian Grey
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Brian Grey
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"Brian Grey" wrote
There's a massive demand for green Deltics as running during the 1960s which was not satisfied by the production of D9004. If Bachmann are to switch from their plans of producing 55002 as preserved, to D9002 as running in pre-TOPS days, they are to be applauded!
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John Turner
...And I reckon 22 locos is _just_ a small enough number to tempt a goodly number of modellers and collectors to buy the complete fleet!
Cheers, Francis K.
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Francis Knight

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