Funny lathe ad

Found this on "Best of Craigslist".
I wonder of it comes with patterns?
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LOL. I also liked ********ASS KICKING MACHINE*******
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Maxwell Lol
There was a new clerk in the adult toys store. One time, when the boss was in the back, some customer came in looking for a dildo. "Well, we've got this 7" pink one for $30.00, this 12" brown one for $45.00..." and the customer says, "How about that 14" plaid one?" She says, "Oh, I'm not quite sure..." He says, "I'll give you a hundred bucks for it." She says, "OK!" and sells it.
After a few minutes, the boss comes out from the back and asks how she's doing. She says, "Well, pretty good I guess - I just got $100.00 for your Thermos."
Cheers! Rich
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