really funny typo in a Seattle craigslist ad this morning

There's a guy up here advertising a "2000lb bumper wench". Jeez, the
picture that leapt to mind kept me chortling for quite awhile.
I want to know if guys do these typos deliberately, in some kind of
obscure psychological maneuver to get you to open their ad.
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Grant Erwin
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Unfortunately, the internet shows us just how much of the population can't spell.
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Gary Brady
Can better that just a bit. Years ago in the local paper, someone posted an ad for an 8000lb Worn Wench.
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Jon Anderson
Someone locally was selling a "Kabota" tractor. I figured it as a typo, but upon reading the ad, once more it was spelled, "Kabota".
The kicker was the pictures, one of which showed very clearly the correct spelling right on the side of the damn thing.
Illiteracy is still alive and well in this country.
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Jon Danniken
The usual question from a newbie on the Jeep newsgroup is "what size wench do I need" Lots of good responses to that one!
Grant Erw> There's a guy up here advertising a "2000lb bumper wench". Jeez, the
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A local auctioneer used to always spell winch that way in his sale bills.
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Wayne Cook
Common error. Wix Filters puts out collectible diecast model car every year. A couple years ago they breathlessly announced the newest model, a 1950s Dodge PowerWagon with a "Wench". I kidded a couple of their sales execs bout it, but the humour went right over their heads.
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