Google desktop revisited

I ran a 'spyware' scan today and it turned up this-
c\progran files\google\google deskop search\gzlib.dll = thiefware.
I have no idea that 'thiefware is' supposed to mean but I deleted the dll
with no apparant damage to the program.
For what it is worth.
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Ken Davey
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There is some particularly horrible malware out there that attaches itself to your search engine. I'm not saying you pick it up just by searching, rather you pick it up in the normal ways my teenage son seems susceptible to like music downloading, etc. Anyway, if you want to know more search on the string "home search assistent" (spelling is intentional) and be prepared to really hope you don't have it.
Of course, this means that some spyware is looking for stuff in and around google and may be flagging something incorrectly. Try updating your spyware in a few weeks, after google desktop searching's been around for awhile. If you're clean (and I hope you are, it is a real bitch to get rid of) then your spyware software will eventually except the real DLL from Google.
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Grant Erwin
There is a feature in Windows XP Professional that I love and that is Restore. When I set up my system and got everything straight I set a Restore point and now when my system starts acting funny I just do a Restore back to that configuration and all the crap goes away.
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