Google not archiving this newsgroup any longer

Greetings and Salutations.
Well, I was poking about on Google today,
to see if the lack of posts to one of the newsgroups
that had been pretty quiet recently was because
there were no posts, or because Bell South was
screwing up.
Imagine my surprise when I pulled this up:
formatting link
found the note that says this group and other
rec.crafts newsgroups are no longer being archived.
Seems to me this is a bad thing, both if
Google is going to claim to archive the net, and,
for the loss of very valuable data from the wise folks
that post here.
Dave Mundt
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Dave Mundt
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"rec.crafts" (PERIOD) is itself a newsgroup. A very slow NG - 85 posts since 2/20/03. I'd guess that it is this single NG that is not being archived. The rec.crafts.* newsgroupS are being archived.
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Bob Engelhardt
That's not what it says. It says that the rec.crafts newsgroup is not being archived. That's just a placeholder group for the 15 active newsgroups under that heading. The latter, including this newsgroup, are archived.
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Gary Coffman
I have not looked, however, a lot of the groups which were created back when the big renaming happened are no longer valid, and have been removed by the normal process. For example, sci.electronics is no longer valid, it was split into sci.electronic.*
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Ian Stirling
sci.electronics was renamed to sci.electronics.misc after the reorganisation passed on 24 oct 1995. People may still post to it, and some servers may carry it, but it will be spotty, with a lot of servers not carrying it.
There is no technical reason why you can't. I think B-news diddn't support this, but I think this changed before 1993.
Groups are created seperately, by name following voting. There is no need for a.b to be a valid group if a.b.c.d is.
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Ian Stirling
I wrote Google and asked them to keep archivng the rec.crafts.* branch of Usenet. If anyone else wants to, just email (from the Google contact page:
formatting link
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Jeff P

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