Harbor Freight Delivery- $199 30" press

Drove over to Yellow Freight last night to pick up my $199 30" combination
press. Looks good and I'm amazed that they can include delivery in the
price, but I was surprised to find out that they expect you to be home to
unload the truck (although they give you no clue when it will be coming). It
worked out fine for me since I was able to pick it up from the loading dock
and I have the means to get it off my truck. Other customers might have to
stay home from work and pay $95 for a liftgate delivery.
In other news, got myself a nice old 5 HP compressor for 99 cents from a
local seller's ebay sale, and a jig layout table for cheap money. I got
lucky this weekend at a garage sale, picked up a complete Capspray 9100 4
stage turbine HVLP system for $100. The gun was dirty but a nice accessory
set was included. I have an Accuspray gun but only had an old single stage
turbine to push it, which didn't cut it on heavier coatings.
Now I need to stop getting stuff for a while, straighten out my shop and get
some projects done......
"We're here for the wool" - One of my mechanics this morning explaining why
they go to the 7-11
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Congratulations on the new toys.
I've found getting the shop cleaned up and straightened out to be an unending project in itself. Something always happens to clutter it up before I'm half done.
Al Moore
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Alan Moore
Half done?! You actually get that far? My hat is off! Regards. Ken.
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Ken Davey

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