Hardinge HLV-H belts?

Anybody know the specs of the variable speed belts used on Hardinge HLV-H toolroom lathes? They're probably made according to some age-old imperial standard? Any hints on where to get them, preferably in Europe? Nobody's been importing Hardinge to Finland for ages, so local availability seems really bad. If I could find out the specs, I could ask around at industrial component importers.

Thanks, Mise Helsinki, Finland

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I can't tell you for certain what Hardinge uses, but the belts on my Feeler HLV-H copy are a 1626V604 on the top, and a 1626V384 on the bottom. The Feeler is a very close copy, other than using metric fasteners, so I'd expect the belts to be the same on a real HLV-H.

The 1626V series belts are 1 inch wide across the top. Outside circumference is 39.2" for the 384, 61.2" for the

604. Expect old belts to have stretched some.

Optibelt lists the belts, at least in the US print catalog I have here.

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