Honda powered pressure washer question

A client asked me to take a look/repair his honda powered (5hp)
pressure washer. Said he loaned it to an employee..that individual
said it ran then quit. When client fired it up..said it sounded like
baking powder can full of marbles.
I pulled it through..felt like it had sufficeient compression, then
took it outside to load in the truck. On a whim..I checked the
oil..and as I unscrewed the dip stick..a fountain of gasoline came out
the crank case. Like 2 gallons
Any ideas of where to start looking, or what the chances of the
bearings being washed out are?
Ill try to check it out tommorow, time permitting
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If it was ran that way then it's toast. Most likely the needle stuck in the carb causing it to run all the gas into the cylinder/crankcase.
The only way to find out is to change the oil and then try it out. If it runs without knocking or burning oil then he got off lucky.
Be sure to check that the carb doesn't drain the gas when it's shut off and the gas valve left on.
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook
I fixed the mower next door (14 HP kawi) it filled the whole motor until it was over flowing the carb. Drained it put a new oil filter new carb float needle, put some oil in and hes been mowing since. I had to drain the muffler too, it was about 1/2 full also, sure could have lit right up if I started it with all the gas in the muffler.
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wayne mak
operator decided to fuel up and put the gas in the oil hole. Its down by the motor and unscrews. Probably had to find a funnel though.
Uncle George
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F. George McDuffee
Possible but he would of had to turn the engine on it's side to fill it that full.
Wayne Cook Shamrock, TX
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Wayne Cook
Sounds like a bad needle/seat contact in th' floatbowl.
Cheap and dirty; first I'd drain th' oil/gas, then add oil and a small amount of fuel and fire it up. Depending on what it sounds like would determine further work like replacing th' needle and seat, adding an inline fuel filter (if possible and it doesn't have one), running it for a bit and changing th' oil out again. If it sounds like shit, I'd write it off.
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