Latching mechanism with 3 balls and cone

I'm working on a project and I need some form
of coaxial latch mechanism. I've seen something
with 3 steel balls and a cone and sleeve that
might work, but I don't know what it's proper
name is or where I can find a picture of it.
If it's any help, I think H&K builds a weapon
that latches the bolt with a similar mechanism.
Any help would be appreciated.
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Jim Stewart
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It's common in guns, typcally for sling swivel mechanisms.
I wouldn't be surprised. H&K make some beautiful things.
A google search term of "sling swivel" looks very promising, especially "quick detachable". Maybe you can find a cross-section, or a source for purchase that way.
Dave Hinz
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Dave Hinz
Sounds like the same type mechanism as a clothes line tensioner unit.
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Steve W.
Ball lock pins/quick release pins use this sort of mechanism. See McMaster-Carr starting on p. 3088. I think Carr-Lane, Reid Tool, Jergens, et al, sell this sort of thing as well.
Ned Simmons
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Ned Simmons
I think that were two balls. At least at the G3 that I had for 15 months ...
Sorry, I know exactly what you want, but cant point your nose on it.
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Nick Müller
Sounds like an air coupler to me.
- - Rex Burkheimer WM Automotive Fort Worth TX
Jim Stewart wrote:
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Rex B
Try Googling for PIP Pins.
Used a lot on aircraft.
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Cheers Trevor Jones
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trevor jones
Across the pond we use them a lot on our gas-cooled nuclear power stations; generally called ball-latches or ball-locks. Always in custom plant though.
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Commonly used in the US for quick detach air and hydraulic fittings.
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F. George McDuffee

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