Looking for metal workers in Israel


This is a wierd message, I'm from a neighboring group (rec.crafts.woodturning)

I live in Israel and need some help with Metal projects I need.

I would love if anyone from here who lives in Israel would be willing to give a hand to a guy interested in making stuff.

Thanks Moshe Eshel

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Moshe Eshel
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I wouldn't consider him to be primarily a metalworker, but Yehuda Miklaf in Jerusalem is a bookbinder, who, when he emigrated from Canada included a South Bend lathe in the household effects container. And I know he has had some dealings with a local machinist, because I discussed (via email) the project with him.

I don't know if Miklaf is a common name, but if not you may find him in a phone book. Or if you like I can forward your message to him?

Adam Smith Midland, ON Canada

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Adam Smith

Isn't the Net great? :)


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