m-head b'port

need a bit of help.
i purch a m-head b'port mill and as usuall,,,it had no manual.
1-where can i find one?
2-are copies available??
3-what size collets are used in it???
any help is greatly apppreiated..........
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The M head was made with 3 different spindle tapers. It came in MT-2, B&S #7, and B3. If you have the B3 taper, you'd better get the collets from the last guy that used it!
I don't think there ever was a REAL manual for the old machines. There was a thing that had procedures to change belts, a lube chart, and exploded parts drawings. I have some bad photocopies of those.
Don't expect much help from Bridgeport (now owned by Hardinge) as these M-head machines are over 50 years old.
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Jon Elson

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