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Hi all...

Spring is finally coming around (I hope) and I think it's time to clean out the garage.

I've got a ton of machine shop type items for sale. All these belonged to my Dad, who had been a Tool And Die Maker for 40+ years. But since his passing last year, all these things sat idle and I think it would be better if someone else could make good use of them, not to mention my Mom could use more space in the garage to park the car.

I have listed some of them on my webpage at

formatting link
there are a lot more, such as as lathe inserts, drill bits, milling machine accessories, calipers, clamps, files, etc, etc. Please email me for info/pics or if you're interested in viewing of what's available. I'm located in Mississauga, Ontario (Britannia Rd./Hwy 407 area).

This being an estate sale, I would also appreciate your generosity to help my Mom with bills, etc....

I can be contacted via email posted on my website. Don't want to post it here because of spam, etc....

Thank you!

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Oops! I should mention that I will take best offers as I'm not sure how much to ask for these items.


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The pic of the radios is really large & slow to load (1.3MB for 300 x

200 pixels).
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Bob Engelhardt

First, I have a APT boring head for my X3 Sieg. I don't need another.

What is the taper of the boring head's shaft? It does not look like R-8. Morse taper?

How much offset does it have? Looks beefy.

Not much of an idea of what the other tools are scattered about > Hi all...

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Louis Ohland

Do you know what everything is worth? This may be difficult if you're not in the business yourself. It's pretty common to see relatives of the deceased make severe pricing mistakes when there's a lot of specialized stuff involved.

You may want to see if he had any buddies in the tool & die making business, and ask them if they'll help you with assessing the value of what you've got. Even competitors are often willing to help out in a situation like this. With a list of prices in hand then you can bargain fairly without giving the store away.

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Tim Wescott

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Louis Ohland

Louis and Tim...

thank you for the ideas. AS you might have guessed, I have no clue how much to ask for these things, nor do I know the names of some of the tools/accessories, etc. I know what they do but that's about it. I do have a friend, who is in the business. We actually went through most of the stuff last year and he figured that it might have been easier to just sell the whole lot (whatever you see in the pics plus a lot of extra stuff) and it should fetch around a thousand dollars. I would prefer to sell everything at once rather than one by one, but no one seems to be interested (or at least some of the people that looked at it).

I'll do some more research and maybe then I'll be able to come up with some numbers. Once again, thank you guys for the ideas.


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Navaidstech wrote: (a good sale ad)

BUT no idea where it is> :-( The web site has som "missa-something or other" but not even a state/provence. The call sign looks vaguely Canada. ...lew...

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Lew Hartswick

Cunningly hidden in the machine tool header down the page.

I'm located > Navaidstech wrote:

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Louis Ohland

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