makin mags

"The Kid" builds dies where he works. He's suggesting building two
blanking and two forming dies and have me go into the mag business. He
makes it sound all too simple. He is close frineds with the old salt
where he works that has built this sort of stuff for 40 years. this
fella is also a gun nut, so he'd help with the design end.
Anyone out there with experience in the metal forming business? Are
there a ton of hidden gotchas?
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Karl Townsend
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I do not see any issues, but find out the specs on the magazines, so that they fit all guns that they are supposed to fit. Otherwise they may fit your gun, but not another.
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There are some good magazines out there..and some very very bad ones.
Try to make good ones.
If you can do it...the world will be your oyster.
The methodology of the left has always been:
1. Lie 2. Repeat the lie as many times as possible 3. Have as many people repeat the lie as often as possible 4. Eventually, the uninformed believe the lie 5. The lie will then be made into some form oflaw 6. Then everyone must conform to the lie
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