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Hi Everybody
I've been lurking around here for quite some time and would like to say
thanks to all the people that post here. Very good tips. My Question is.
I built a tumbler to remove rust from metal parts. I also use it for
polishing mild steel round rods for projects. I've been using a mixture
of sandblasting grit and old nuts and bits of scrap metal of different
sizes and shapes. To get a nicer finish on the round rods I run the
above mixture and the clean out the tumbler and run it again with cut up
pieces of carpet underlay and get a not bad finish but its not a shiny
as I would like. I would like to achieve a shiny finish like stainless
steel or at least a more silver color. Right now comes out a dull gray.
A kind of a satin finish. You guys have any ideas. A commercial tumbling
product for dry tumbling??? Any suppliers in Canada?
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John Coleshaw
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Coarse sawdust? It is slow and not great, but cheap as dirt. maybe worth giving a try.
John Coleshaw wrote:
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Try crushed walnut shells and Jeweler's rouge. Works a treat! I would not use and blasting grit first. Try glass beads, it leaves a better finish. Steve
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Steve Lusardi
Try the Dri Shine media that MSC sells at
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It's cheap - about $30. for a 6 gal bucket and it does a fantastic job.
Russ Wizinsky
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Russ Wizinsky - ProfessorWiz
Hi Thanks for the posts. I tried small pieces ot oak and saw dust works great. Pieces come out very shiny and it costs me nothing because I had some scrap pieces laying around. I'm going to build another drum so one is full of grit and another full of wood and saw dust. Thanks again John Coleshaw
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John Coleshaw

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