Minor tool gloat


Bought me a VFD today. As a replacement for the christmas socks that

-even those- I didn't get.

It is a brandnew SIEMENS MicroMaster MM37 one phase to 3 phase, 370 Watts. When I took it home and quicky connected it to my little 6mm benchtop drill press, I saw how cool it is. Lots of parameters to set. Nearly 100. Serial input. You can tweak for hours. (But don't have to. Works right out of the box.) Like masking out resonance frequencys, assigning digital input ports to switch motor direction, assigning a variable resistor to adjust speed, add and configure a breaking resistor etc. And, all this for 98.- EUR. The case had a crack, that's all.

Quickly checked how much power my -I call it a- lathe has. 370 Watts! Geee! Drove back to the shop and bought me two more (also with a crack). You never know!

Just now I finished connecting it to my lathe. Welding a holder, ripping out all cables and completely rewiring. All switches work as they should: Emergency power-off. Fwd-Backwd-switch.

What a joy!


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Some get the toys after Christmas ! - What a find.

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