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Don't you guys be so hard on the poor little old home invaders, they're just Christmas shopping! ;-) Errr... Maybe they're just collecting their portion of all the "stimulus Packages" that are being given to the bankers and other crooks!

To the subject...

Seriously, our local sheriff warns of four more home invasions - all unsolved as far as I know. This is a weekly paper (last Wednesday's, and the only paper printed in the county) so it may have an update next Wednesday.

Heading: "Home invasions a threat: Citizens urged to take precautions"

The sheriff warns, "Keep your doors locked and watch out for your neighbors" after four home invasions in the last three weeks. They were in Perrytown, Soul City, Norlina and Wise - all within Warren County, North Carolina. "They come in with masks and hoods, some with guns and knives." No one injured yet! The sheriff says they are "robbing for money."

The sheriff says keep your doors locked. One of the four above was unlocked. "If an unknown person comes to your door asking for help, do not open the door. Instead, tell them you'll call 911 for them to obtain assistance."

"If someone comes to your house early in the morning, call 911."

"Call 911" was covered plenty. Nowhere did he mention arming yourselves!

Now, my little story. The other evening I was cooking some biscuits which hadn't been in the oven very long and still had a few minutes to go before being done. An elderly neighbor's auto alarm went off. I looked out and say her lights flashing and heard the horn sounding. I called 911 and reported it to them as I wasn't sure if someone tampered with the vehicle or she had fallen and hit her "panic button" on her key ring as a means of getting some help. They said they'd send someone out. In another minute or two I figured the biscuits might survive being left and just turned the oven off. At that point I went over and the alarm had stopped. I beat on her door. She answered. Being hard of hearing she hadn't heard anything. Said she didn't set it off, etc. We looked around the back yard. I didn't tell her I was pretty well armed, but was. As I was about to leave a lady officer drove up. ..... When SECONDS count 911 is only MINUTES away!

..... When SECONDS count 911 is only MINUTES away!

..... When SECONDS count 911 is only MINUTES away!

..... When SECONDS count 911 is only MINUTES away!

YOU are responsible for YOUR OWN protection. The BEST 911 can do is have someone investigate the crime scene, pick up the pieces, clean up the mess and hopefully find the perpetrator!

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Al Patrick
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hopefully find the

Also remember that when the LEOs finally show up they will be as interested in arresting you as they would be if the perps were still there. So watch what you say.

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Simon Jester

They are MORE interested in arresting you since you are easier to catch than the real perps ;)

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Because I'd identify myself when I call 911 and can prove my identity (and address) if they ask in person upon arrival.

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Don Foreman

Your neighbors might be sorely tempted.

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Don Foreman

In case you haven't been watching the news in the last few decades, the LEOs are the ones who like to play Rambo and start shooting without asking for ID or identifying themselves.

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Pete C.

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