Old link v-belt disassembly

I am rehabbing an old Sears/AMT radial drill press. I have some old (~50
year) link style V-belts that would seem to be an ideal match. Unlike
currently made link belts, these have rivets holding the three layers of
rubber and fabric, and the individual links are slit to allow them
through. How are these belts disassembled without damaging the belt?
Kevin Gallimore
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The tab that slips down the slit rotates and locks in. You will need to find the underneath side, rotate the small tab that came through and push it back to the top side. You will have several in layers.
New belts can be bought - it is a popular product.
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Martin H. Eastburn
Those are still very much available and are widely used in the screw machine industry.
It should be noted..that those belts cost between $5 and $15 a FOOT.
Ive got a few spools of NOS belting and whenever I run into a v belted machine in my shop that needs a belt..they get the link belts. I figure my grand kids might...might need to spray some conditioner on them..and their kids may have to think about replacing them....
google "link belts"
The way to take them apart..if there is 3 layers...figure removing a link from the first layer, the second link from the second layer and the third from the third layer.
Carefuly split the leather and remove the first link from the rivet. the leather from the second and first layer on the 2nd rivet and the leather from the first, second and third rivet....best as I can explain
Anyone else got a better explaination?
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