OT Anyone have a calendar handy?

Greetings all,

I don't know if I have had something go nuts on my computer here or what, but the date I show for the last post in this group is 1/10/04 @ 1:48 PM. I noticed that in other groups that the dates are all screwed up also, just don't understand why. I have already checked my time/date settings and they are correct.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated, Jim C Roberts

PS I also seem to be seeing alot more "Re;" type posts, anyone want to try to explain that? JR

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Jim C Roberts
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Call off the computer gurus, my daughter has been messing around with my groups and hit the little arrow in the top left hand corner,(OE), and had the bottom of the list at the top.

So, if you will excuse me I am going out back to kick myself in the a$$, Jim

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Jim C Roberts

been there done that. took two days to figure it out so you beat me. Karl

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Karl Vorwerk

I'm surprised that anyone who has been following the various "discussions" about OE (in this NG and other sources) is still using it. Mozilla is free, cross platform and a lot safer.


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Ted Edwards

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