OT can someone recommend a good network TV device

I would like to buy a networked device that plays DVD, youtube, netflix, has a web browser, and also can play from network storage, such as NFS (preferred) or Windows shared drives (less preferred, but acceptable).

I need a HDMI output.

I download most movies from the pirate bay.

This would be for the family room in my warehouse.

Any recommendations?

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The VLC player can play 7MC's HDTV recordings on an XP machine.

For Unix:

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didn't get far with knoppmyth on office-PC hardware. You could ask Wes Newell on alt.tv.tech.hdtv:
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Jim Wilkins

Any computer. Load xbmc on it and your good to go. Don't even have to unrar your movies that you download.

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Or you can get most any larger flat panel TV with all that stuff built- in, hook it up to a network and go.


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Stanley Schaefer

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