OT: The value saving old Puter hardware

A Puter I bought back in 2000 came with ME, an OEM version. ME doesn't
phone home, the OEM version is tagged to the MB of the OEM Puter it
came with.
LSS, in 2006, the MB started freezing (caps). I built a PC clone,
but of course, the original OEM HD wouldn't run on it, and the ME
recovery disc wouldn't accept the different MB. On a hunch, i built
another clone, and purchased a new identical MB (FIC AZ11) of the
original on Ebay. It worked, ME would load a new HD on the clone.
If I stopped the computer after the load, and before the install
reboot, The ME HD would initialize and run on any PC. This clone
became my OS Loader.
I know ME is old, but it works fine for the several shop Puters I use.
No need to upgrade.
Being a packrat, I saved the old MB for a rainy day.
The OS loader was having some issues lately, and I found a BIOS
upgrade I thought might solve them. I checked carefully that the Bios
and flash utility were compatable with my hardware and current Bios.
Booted to ME boot floppy, and loaded the flash utility and Bios file.
After the utility reported sucessful write, I rebooted. NOTHING. The
PSU and fans would start, but no VGA, and no POST at all. No way to
get the floppy drive to work. The Bios was so screwed, even the Bios
bootlock program would not initialize.
At this piont, I didn't know if the Bios *.bin file was corrupted, or
the flash utility malfunctioned, but now, no way to load the backup of
the old Bios I made.
Scary part:
Fortunately, the Bios on this MB is socketed, not soldered.
I removed the chip from the old board I saved, and installed it in the
clone. POST! Floppy boot to A:! The world is perfect again.
Hot Swap:
While the clone was running, and making sure I was grounded properly,
I removed the Bios chip from the running board, and installed the
pooched one. Loaded the flash utility and backup copy of the old Bios.
Sucess; the reboot POST went fine. No prob with the flash utility.
I downloaded another copy of the Bios upgrade, and re-ran the flash.
This time it worked; the bios shows the upgrade version.
Moral: Save your old hardware, even defunct stuff. you never know
when you may need it.
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High tech rednecks. You can tell 'em, by the number of old computers up on blocks. B-) "Just in case."
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