pig roaster plans needed

I am looking for plans for making a pig roaster out of old 375 gal. furnace oil tanks. I have been reading thru (all 21 pages) of this forum tonight, and saw nothing like that. I know of several of this design in the area, but don't want to go taking measurements, as it would be obvious I intend to basicaly copy it. I also have to come up with burners, this will be fired by propane. I have all the necessary equipment for the job, just need some dimensions. Any help any of you can lend will be appreciated. Thanks.

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I was at a barbecue in Paris (France) last week and they were cooking large amounts of sausages in a steel frame in front of what looked like a 40 gallon drum cut in half, with a wood fire in it.

Why not photograph one of the designs?


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Leon Heller

Suhn! Ahm sorreh to infoam you thet it ain't POSSIBBLE to cook a pig proper-lahk on no PROPANE. You gotsta use WOOD, Boy!

That mumbled, I have an 80-gallon "Cracker Cooker" with the cook barrel up top, and the firebox below. I've installed a very small propane burner in the flame riser tube to keep the thing at temperature all night.

See... we cook our pork at least 24 hours. It ain't RIGHT less'n its dun thet way.

My cooker is an 80-gal compressor tank above a 40-gallon water tank. A single 4" i.d. flame riser goes from the back end of the firebox to the top tank. In there, a "flame spreader" (just another 4" pipe with holes in the bottom) stretches across the bottom of the cook tank.



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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh

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