prices at auction?

Hi....Ive been to several auctions lately and am surprised at the prices things sometimes bring.

A 9 inch craftsman lathe, cross slide and carriage rusted solid, no tailstock, no tooling, no motor, no accessories. $150

Logan powermatic 11X40 lathe ,well used, no tooling or accs $3850

A Bridgeport clone import, no tooling or accs, went for $800

A large cylinder grinder, working condition, with tooling. no bids A large hone (12') no bids, not even from one guy who was said to be a salvage man.

This is in the Wichita, Ks area.

the lathes seemed very high to me, the mill so/so for no knowledge of true condition.

by the way the Wichita Boeing surplus store is closed indefinitely for audit and inventory after the Onex sale.

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Hehe. The tool hounds around here are ferocious at auctions. Insane is probably a better word. I've saw a drill press, that was complete junk, go for $175 not long ago, and many other items are the same. We don't have much heavy industry and there just aren't many surplus tools, but apparently a pretty healthy demand. I've given up on tools at these auctions. On the other hand, I picked up two ceramic kilns, both needing work, for $5 each. List price new was $1800 and $2300. All of this was from the local school district. Other auctions are about the same.

Gary Brady Austin, TX

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Gary Brady

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