Saving An Old Atlas

For years I have made do with a worn out 10" Atlas, but my limited skill
set limits what I can do with it. It is OLD and has very loose babit
bearings and a 5/8" lead screw. I am wondering if I could replace the
head with a newer timkin bearing casting and further what it would take
to upgrade to the later 3/4" lead screw.
Ive looked at replacing the lathe, but this one is otherwise complete
and more importantly fits the cramped space I have available.
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Greetings Carl, I have an old 6" Atlas that came with the babbit bearing headstock. I bought a Timken bearing head stock and it fits. Probably the same for your 10". Clausing sells Atlas parts and I bet they have that leadscrew. The supports may need to be altered or replaced but I think Clausing can tell you what's required. ERS
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Eric R Snow
Do the headstock bearing caps have any shim left in them?
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jim rozen
Yes, bearing 10" headstock will fit fine.
There is a yahoogroups group dedicated to the Atlas / Craftsman line of lathes. Almost every question or idea you have with these machines has been done by someone in this group.
I think the 3/4" lead screw is a simple conversion, but I don't remember for sure. My 10" came with bearings and 3/4" lead screw. You will still have the thin 3/8" ways, but it will do a lot of work.
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