silicon metal powder

we specialize in Silicon Metal Powder which contains silicon 99.9%.The size of product is between 20um and 5mm.The monthly quantity is adout
500 MTS. main products:
(1).(Grade)等级LF-P1 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.008 (Al)0.018 (Ca)0.002 (P)0.0020
SIZE粒度-100um (2).(Grade)等级LF-P2 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.010 (Al)0.020 (Ca)0.002 (P)0.0020 SIZE粒度-180um (3).(Grade)等 级LF-P3 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.015 (Al)0.025 (Ca)0.002(P)0.0020 SIZE粒度-300um (4).(Grade)等 级LF-P4 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.020 (Al)0.025 (Ca)0.003(P)0.0025 SIZE粒度-500um (5).(Grade)等 级LF-P5 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.025 (Al)0.030 (Ca)0.003(P)0.0025 SIZE粒度-850um (6).(Grade)等级LF-P6 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.035 (Al)0.040 (Ca)0.005(P)0.0030 SIZE粒度-1mm (7).(Grade)等级LF-P7 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.045 (Al)0.050 (Ca)0.005 (P)0.0030 SIZE粒度-2mm (8).(Grade)等级LF-P8A(Si)99.9 (Fe)0.015 (Al)0.025 (Ca)0.010 (P)0.0050
SIZE粒度-300um (9).(Grade)等级LF-P8B(Si)99.9 (Fe)0.025 (Al)0.035 (Ca)0.010 (P)0.0050 SIZE粒度-500um (10).(Grade)等级LF-P9 (Si)99.9 (Fe)0.030 (Al)0.045 (Ca)0.010(P)0.0050 SIZE粒度-850um (11).(Grade)等 级LF-P0 (Si)99.8 (Fe)0.050 (Al)0.080 Ca)0.010(P)0.0030 SIZE粒度-2mm (12).(Grade)等级LF-PA (Si)99.7 (Fe)0.100 (Al)0.100 (Ca)0.010(P)0.0050 SIZE粒度-5mm (13).(Grade)等级LF-PB (Si)99.5 (Fe)0.200 (Al)0.200 (Ca)0.002 (P)0.0030 SIZE粒度-100mm
According to you requirements,we not only supply the above-mentioned goods,but also the other quality and size .
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