small south bend lathe

i noticed a small south bend on the toronto craigslist, guy says 1500 firm with three chucks. no relationship to me, i just thought someone here might be interested. mailto:$1500

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Would have been nice for the SELLER to mention the lathe size,

but if it's under a 12", here's a reasonably priced motor that might work with it:

Brian Lawson, Bothwell, Ontario.

ps...a few years back, I sold a 9 X 36 Model "C" with a near new 6" Burnerd (sp??) chuck for $850. And I bought a 10K with tons of tooling for $2,000 around the same time, so I think his price isn't bad if it's in really nice condition.

I'm not much of a Craigslist user, and hoping to see a pix showing size or condition, I did a search for

South Bend

which returned some kind of car parts place, and I never did find "South Bend" in that ad. So I tried


and up came the ad the OP told us about. The Seller had left out the "space" in the name, and wrote SouthBend. Pretty critical search mode I'd say!!

Take care. BL

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Brian Lawson


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