Solidworks anyone?

I just attended a Demo/hands on seminar yesterday in Germany. The thing is amazing. It is not only super user friendly, but you can do all kinds of st uff, from calculating mass, volume, and strength, to super realistic render ing. All for a price I can't afford! My last CadCam program was Bobcad 17. Things have evolved. This seems like a very serious option for people in in dustry, but I am a sole proprietor. I am looking at a tabletop trammel base d 3 axis CNC mill to reduce the outsourcing costs I'm now paying. Can anyon e recommend a software package which would have decent surfacing capability and be easy to use in the under 2k range?

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Let's see, should I buy a new truck or a single seat of Solidworks? Hard choice!

I grabbed BobCAD+BobART 24 for the lower price, but for $2k, you can have Aspire. Robatoy had that and loved it.

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Download a demo and try it.

I lost my momentum last year and got high-centered on the project. SOME day, I'll get off my ass and get the Green Monster running.

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Larry Jaques

look at Geomagic - Alibre

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T.Alan Kraus

robobass on Sat, 15 Feb 2014 04:16:10

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Try getting a quote on a seat for Catia.

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For surfacing I'd consider Rhino.

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Machine design/assembly modeling.

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Don't get seduced by slick demos by an expert operator working on a task he's chosen. SW is a capable modeler, but I wouldn't call it "super user friendly" compared to its peers. SW is the third 3d modeler I've used because it's what my current batch of customers use. I wouldn't be upset, except for the pain in time and money, if I had to switch to something else.

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