"Stimulus" money

It's sitting there waiting for what? .............

Driving to Las Vegas, I pick up a hitch hiker in a suit and tie. A little sweaty, but looks okay.

During the ride to Vegas, he explains that he broke down back a ways, and his wife and two kids are in the car waiting a tow to come rescue them. And can I loan him a hundred bucks to get a tow.

I asked him what's to keep him from going out and gambling the money away.

"Oh, I got gambling money!"

Something like all this money tied up in the "Stimulus" package. You know. The one for the "shovel ready jobs."


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There handing out shovel ready lepricon dropings.

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You should look at the requirements that they placed on those "shovel ready" properties.

There was a big grant program for Fire Departments to build new buildings. The catch was that you had to already be shovel ready before you could apply. THEN if you did get the grant you couldn't build the new building the way you already had it planned anyway!!

The stipulations in the grant paperwork forced you to redesign the entire building to meet the green standards they wanted. You had to add in skylights and windows to allow in more light, add a water collection system so that you captured rain water for use in the building, the building itself had to be built using green methods and technologies. Many of the buildings ended up adding a million or more onto the build costs.

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