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Hi all- Yesterday my 2-1/2 yr old granddaughter was seriously injured in a fall on an escalator in downtown Sarasota. They actually had to transport a section of the mechanism , still on her hand, to the ER with her. After 2 hrs. of surgery, they're still not sure she will have full use of the fingers on her left hand. Please if you can, give her a few moments in your thoughts and prayers, Thanks in advance!

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Sorry to here about th eincident that in deed sucks....Consider your request honored!

I HATE escalators....I am still paranoid about shoelaces when I am on one!

Mark PAlmer

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Mark A Palmer

Oh man, that's terrible. You, your granddaughter and the rest of her family are in our prayers.


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Yikes! That must be very traumatic. We'll be praying! Please keep us updated on her condition.=20


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You bet all of you are in my prayers. I watched a boy in the Las Vegas airport have his pants ripped off in one. No one could help him fast enough it was over so fast. He got away with quite a scare and nothing more, but it haunts me to this day.


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