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Did you reserve a unit??
If each wheel were a equilateral three-wheeled wheel, it could also climb stairs!!
THEN, muthafuckas would never have to expend any energy whatsoever, beyond their RMR (resting metabolic rate) -- which itself is only marginally higher than our BMR (sleeping)..
Which means we'd either be eating a whole lot less, OR getting a whole lot fatter.
Proly the latter.
I think a unit that would allow us to lay perfectly horizontal would be even better. It would just have to tilt us up, for the rare face-to-face interactions required. Everything else could be done with cameras/joystick.
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Existential Angst
Oh, didja see how skinny the thighs were on those girls? goodgawd....
With that gadget, their thighs should atrophy down to about the size of their calves in just a few weeks -- it's sorta like being in traction in a hospital bed, but without the bedsores. The muscles just, well, go away! . Which, strangely, some people find attractive, ostensibly because now you can slip a grapefruit between said atrophied thighs, an apparently very important attribute.
To me, ahm thinkin Holocaust victim, but hey, each unto his own, I spose....
Heh, I met Meg Ryan in a NYC subway once, and man, I was tempted to give her the other half of my sandwich, and directions to the Salvation Army..... holy shit.....
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Existential Angst
Honda's unicycle version of a Segway.
Thank You, Randy
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