Way to get a Doc's attention

Had a visit to an orthopaedist at VA for a tendon injury in my wrist.
He had X-rays (which don't show soft-tissue problems well, MRIs do) and a
written description of the complaint.
When I went in, I described what was the matter (not just the symptoms,
but the mechanics, because I spent 20 years working with Ortho-docs and
He said, "So, you think you know more than a physician?"
I knew he was a D.O., not an M.D., so without a blink, I said, "I guess -
being a D.O. - you've been asked that same question many times."
The guy actually started to shake -- tensed up, started turning red...
then he almost instanly calmed down. He gave me the snarkiest grin I've
seen in years, and said, "Ok... we're even. What's the problem?"
Everything went well after that. Surgery in January.
When you don't get what you need, get up on your box and BITCH!

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Lloyd E. Sponenburgh
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Unfortunately, having spent an hour or three on Google with our specific subject, we CAN often know more about our condition than the MD we go to.
_Smart_ doctors (and those who can put aside their gigantic egos) listen to the more inquisitive, informed, and alert (but well-behaved) patients. Everyone is better off that way.
I wonder who I'll end up with when Bammycare kicks in next month: my old doctor or someone new. So many people are being tossed. I'm glad I don't see her too often (2x year now, and that's only for a quick check and prescription refills)
Damn straight! Done right, you won't find a boot print on your arse afterwards, either.
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Larry Jaques
I recently filed a complaint about my VA doctor through the Patient Advocate's Office in Gainesville. Another time, I asked them for the name and phone number of some jerk's supervisor when he refused to do his job properly. He freaked when he saw them written on my appointment sheet.
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