welded globe

Anyone seen that metal spinning globe on Joel Osteen's show, the
smiling preacher from Lakewood church?
It's about 10 feet high, I think it would be a great welding project,
the trick would be to mount it so a motor can make it revolve slowly. I
would like to see any pictures you sculptors have done similar to this.
Happy New Year!
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Here's a place to start.
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I have not seen the globe on TV. The link below is for a globe that I made a few years ago. This one hangs from the ceiling on monofilament. I don't think that it would be difficult to motorize one. One of these days I will build a larger one, probably for outdoors. I have learned a lot since I built this one. ;-)
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RHGrafix wrote:
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Richard Ferguson
I really like the title! :-))
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Nick Müller
Look at universal studios.They have a really big one

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tony stramella

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