What is this thing called?

Or, more to the point, where do I buy one?
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The small round part has a hole that slides over a motor shaft,
and the big end is just plain flat, where you glue a sanding disk.
So far, I haven't been able to find one; this is probably because
I don't know what to call it at google.
Of, if someone knows a supplier in the eastern LA county
area (Whittier, Norwalk, Downey, etc.), don't hesitate to
plug them! I'm designing a one-off disk sander on a stick,
as it were, and getting all the parts from McMaster-Carr.
They probably have a thing like the sketch (disk holder?),
but I haven't found it yet, and I don't want to cost my
client an arm and a leg whilst stumbling around in my
ignorance, or worse, looking for the wrong thing! :-)
You can email me if you want, but please only as a cc of a
post to the NG. To create an email, take the part of the url
just after the tilde, and use the same domain.
Put "SANDER WHEEL" somewhere in the subject line to stay
out of the spam bin until I qualify your email. :-)
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Rich Grise
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don't know about US.
but try
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and search 'roloc'
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I *believe* what you're looking for is a backup pad. McMaster-Carr carries a few different types. HTH
Rich Grise wrote:
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try sears - they have them on their belt sanders, or just turn it out of MDF - I'm in western LA, so I can turn the disk out of wood for you - you don't need metal for this part
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You didn't say what size you need. I have a Sears 6-inch disc sander and I'm sure you can buy a replacement disc for it from Sears. Also, there's a 12-inch disc made for a Shopsmith listed on eBay right now at:
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and here's another one:
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