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FA: Nice Set of Sandvik CAT50 End Mill Holders
I just put a nice used set of five (5) Sandvik CAT50 - CV50 - CT50 end mill holders on eBay. The min bid is $80 and there is no reserve. This is a chance to get brand-name tooling for less than crappy...
18 years ago
friction between teflon and delrin
Thanks for the reply Gary, I was wondering if anyone would get in the loop here.. *S What you say is correct. I would assume sticky friction between two materials would be in proportion to their...
18 years ago 17
filters & eye strain
hi there, i have never been flashed yet in the few weeks i've been welding but after a exceptionally longe period of welding this weekend (where i used around 25 7014 rods) my eyes feel a bit...
18 years ago 13
UHMW-PE stiffnes
Will be a piece of 1/2" thick UHMW 1"x13" rigid so you cant's bend it manually? Thanks. Yes, it will bend, but it will not hold it's shape on it's own. If you intend to form this material, I would...
18 years ago 4
New Free Volume and Weight Calculator
I've updated my original freeware calculator into something pretty nice, and still free. My "canned" description: ME Weights 2.1 is a material weight calculator which combines power with ease of use....
18 years ago 21
looking for cheap linear guide
Please let me know if you know any low price polymer linear guide similar to IGUS N27 Thanks Does anyone knows any low price polymer linear guide similar to IGUS N27? Thanks Try Mcmaster Carr
18 years ago 2
WSJ promotes machining trades
If you have a chance check out The Wall Street Journal's Marketplace Section front page front page articles on the desirability of the machine trades. Two days in a row! Amazed, Kent
18 years ago
recmd to mark steel part with changing lot code?
I'd like some suggestions on the best way to mark a lot code on stamped steel part. Its a drawn steel wheel half used to make a golf cart wheel. We need to put a code on the bare steel part indicating...
18 years ago 4
Knife Steel FAQ updated
New Steel FAQ, please let me know what you think, send corrections & comments. One new thing I tried: most people didn't just want descriptions of steels, they wanted direct comparisons. Obviously...
18 years ago 9
Updated Knife sharpening FAQ
New FAQ ... if it doesn't format right, I'll have to make it an attachment instead. Please let me know what you think, send corrections etc. Author: Joe Talmadge Last Updated: October 1999 This FAQ...
18 years ago 14