Labview errors in WinXP lab environment

We run a lab network with XP workstations and a Win2000 server. All client machines are imaged with Ghost, and are subsequently indentical except for SIDs. Software is installed by the local administrator of the model machine used for the image. The USB tower drivers are installed at the same time the Robolab software is installed.

A given class logs in as a single user with a common profile. Openning Robolab, however, brings this error message:

"Error 8 occurred at Open File. Possible reasons: LabVIEW file permission error, or NI-488, DMA hardware error detected."

A similar, earlier client image under Win2000 didn't present this problem. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Joe McCarty
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What version of RoboLab?

First, find the engine\robolab252.ini or robolab.ini file and check that the tempdir setting has been changed to tmpdir (or better still, have both) and the path it is going to exists and has access security.

You said "A similar, earlier client image under Win2000 didn't present this problem." can you clarify what has changed? If you are rebuilding images, is it possible there is a driver issue? You may like to try uninstalling and installing the tower drivers - make sure you connect the tower to every USB that may be used before imaging.

Regards, Richard.

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Richard Trout

I had the same problem with XP. If I logged on as me (administrative rights) it worked fine. If I logged on as anything else...that dadgum error message. I sorted it out by tinkering with rights settings in XP for our generic login. I think on at least one machine, I had to install it as our generic login.

Good luck

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Kevin Barnard

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