AEW / Denford Viceroy Milling machine questions

I recently got a long term loan of the above milling machine i
exchange for storage. However I don't know that much about it so wa
hoping someone here might be able to help. It's a vertical miller
with knee type head - the table rises on a dovetail towards the head.
think there is also an attachment to convert it to horizontal. It ha
power traverse on the table from left to right.
It looks like this one
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(although the spindle head looks slightly different)
Couple of questions:
I think it has a 30 INT spindle but how do I tell the differenc
between 30 INT & 40 INT?
The machine is 3 phase - does anyone have a wiring diagram for thi
Where would I be able to read more about these machines (-
don't seem to have info on Viceroy mills.)
Would a manual be available to buy / download anywhere?
Any help would be appreciated
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I have one of these, They are 30Int.
RDG did have a lot of good UK tooling from Bankrupt stock in this size.
I have a manual and can post a copy next week if you send me your addresse.
Steve Larner
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I have the vertical+horizontal model. It has an extra sliding part to the one pictured: a large, oblong casting running in horizontal dovetails on top of the machine. Normally this part sticks out over the back.
To convert to horizontal, the vertical head is unbolted, the top casting is slid forward, and serves to support the end of a long horizontal spindle that fits into a 30int taper (where the V head was). I've not used this mode in anger, but it looks a bloody good idea for light jobs. The only bad point I have about the machine is the stupid light!
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gives int taper dimensions at the bottom.
The manual I have is pitifully brief. No wiring diagrams but I can send pictures & details if you need. Strongly recommend you run it from a 240v/1ph to 440v/3 phase converter; converting the whole machine to 1ph or using an inverter isn't worth considering.
hth Guy
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Guy Griffin
Thanks for the replies folks. They are much appreciated. I will send m
address in a separate e-mail
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