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A word of caution re ebay. I have received an entirely believable email apparently from ebay saying that my account is to be suspended and if I do not want this to happen to log into the ebay website and to reregister: - to save time use this link.....

Being a suspicious character I sent it to ebay fraud department who confirm it is a spoof and are investigating the source. I would emphasise that it looked totally genuine, everything including logos and titlebars was apparently genuine. Only the full address looked wrong because ebay.com was in quotation marks. If you see this message be careful!

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Henry Springer
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Thanks Henry

If you install the ebay toolbar however, when you click the link it turns red to alert you and a dialog box pops-up.

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There's an even easier way. EVERY single e-mail message purporting to be from a bank, building society, e-bay etc. is false. Not most of them, not

99.9% of them, ALL of them are scams designed to obtain your bank details and should be deleted without even reading them.

Cliff Coggin Kent UK

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Cliff Coggin

That said, banks can be pretty stupid. My bank phoned me up to try and sell me some service or other, and the first thing they asked for was a security check-question. "Hang on", I said, "you've just phoned ME up. I should be asking you a security question". It really was the bank too. F**kwits !


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Hywel Davies

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