Evening Classes in Southampton

Eastliegh College have finally resurrected their engineering evening classes, unfortunately the search engine on their site does not find the course. As a consequence very few people have applied.

I'd love to get this friendly and informal course (more like a club really) going again. Anyone interested can type in the course reference of Y972A into the Eastleigh College web site for full information.

The enrollment phone number is 023 8091 1299, I have been speaking to Lauraine who has been extremely helpful in trying to keep this course alive.

It would be a shame if it doesn't run particularly with Eastliegh's engineering heritage.


James Carter

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Tried it, but the site says no such course!


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Stephen Howard


It's little wonder they have such a poor take up. The site was working when I posted the info, but yes I have just tried it and got no such course. If you are interested could I suggest that you phone the enrollment phone number 023 8091 1299 as the staff are very helpfull and they seem to know that the course is available.

Regards James

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