Harrison L5/L5A/11"

Hi, I am looking for one of these lathes with 40" between centres... But have had no luck so far. Does anyone out there in the U.K have one that they are willing to sell? Or any suggestions on what lathe would fit this spec... Min 36" between centres Easily convertable to single phase

1500 RPM min Screwcutting gearbox And last but not least I would also like a clutch.

Any help welcome please email snipped-for-privacy@piping-hot.co.uk

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They pop up on ebay sometimes. A regular search against the word 'lathe' produces amazing amounts of stuff. This may not be exactly what you want but is an example::

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Andrew Mawson

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Andrew Mawson

One problem you are going to hit is converting to single phase.

My Triumph 2000 ( 7 1/2" centre height, and long bed 50" BC ) uses a 7.5 Hp ( 5.5 kW ) motor, finding a single phase motor this size would not be easy. Also it won't run of a 13A plug... :-) I run an inverter in the workshop that gives me 3 phase not only for the lath, but the mill and the drill. It was cheaper than converting these machines, and easier...

What size is the Harrisons motor ? if you can give me the size and RPM I may be able to give you a price for a replacement single phase motor, it may be a nasty surprise :-(


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Jonathan Barnes

There's a longbed Student at

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that may be right... Also Kerry made a 40" version of my lathe - the 1140 - that would meet your criteria perfectly but is probably rarer than a long bed Harrison! I suspect that an earlyish Colchester Master with the 36inch bed and an inverter set up to give 1500 rpm might suit (especailly if one can be found with a clutch).


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Charles Ping

My Harrison L5 has a single phase cap start motor. It's rated at 1.5HP and it's definitely not enough. I have a 3-phase 2HP motor that I intend to fit - an easy job as it is mounted at the back of the cabinet stand on vertical rails.

I am slowly getting round to converting all of my machines to 3-phase - the Myford S7B is next in line with an invertor for sped control as well as smoother running and a speed increase.



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Dick Ganderton

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