Weight of a 11" Harrison lathe

My neighbour has a friend that is looking at an 11" Harrison lathe short
bed version and was wanting to find out the weight before he buys it and
tries to shift it. So far neither has found the information although my
neighbour looked at lathes.co.uk and found some vague reference to
1000kg which he thought was on the high side when comparing it to my
Harrison M300 and Kerry 1140 which both weigh somewhat less. Anyone
know the actual weight?.
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David Billington
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I have moved both M300s and 11" Harrisons and would consider that they both weigh about the same, the few kg difference is not that important, However you do not need to be too near to the limits of your equipment and abilities.
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I have an 11" Harrison. When I moved it with an engine crane, it "just" lifted it on the 750kg setting. If I pumped anything but very slowly, it lifted the relief valve, so assume 3/4Ton.
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