Heads Up! Cheapo Vernier Gauges at Netto

Evening all,
I've just learned from another group that Netto will be flogging off
digital vernier gauges at £9.99 from tomorrow (Monday).
I have *no* clue how good (or bad!) they'll be, but the price is
This sort of stuff doesn't hang around long by the way...
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Nigel Eaton
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Last time my local Lidl store did a similar offer, I poodled round at 10 AM only to find that they'd all been sold within 1/2 hour of opening time.
Best regards
Nunce excretia in extractum est.
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Tom Jacobs
Has anybody tried to remove the display part of a " cheap" digital caliper and have it working remotely? I am toying with the idea to make a digital readout for the crossfeed on a lathe, but being a cheapskate I don't want to end up with a load of useless caliper parts, any helpful ideas out there? Mark.
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Went to local Netto didn't see the verniers but ended up buying an 18v cordless drill, a router and a circular saw for less than £65. Whilst not top quality I've been using the drill and consider it good vfm and if the other bits perform as well I'll be pleased
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k heyes
Yes is possible. You need vernier with rs232 output and a reader from one of the "usual" suppliers at the exhibitions.ie Harrogate.
Regards Maurice
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Maurice Hood

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