Model engineer magazines

Someone has given me a pile of Model engineer magazines but, as I'm in
a clutter clearing mood at the moment, I want to get shot of them.
You can have them just for the cost of postage.
If you have a particular requirement for any then please let me know
fairly soon - those will have priority over anyone who says they will
take the lot..
You are welcome to collect - I'm in S.W. Wiltshire
Year Issue numbers
1968 3348(2) 3351(3) 3355(5) & Christmas extra
1969 3361(4)
1970 3392(2) 3395 3400(8) & Christmas extra
1971 3410(2)
1974 3480 3483(2) 3487(2) 3498
1975 3525
1976 3530
1980 3637 3639 3645
1981 3649(6) 3656(7) 3664(2) 3667(5)
1982 3672(15) 3688(8)
1983 3696(5) & Wembley souvenier guide
2004 4212(5) 4218(8) 4227 4230 4234 4236(3)
N(M) means there are a sequence of M issues starting at issue number N
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The residuals have now been claimed so please get any specific requests in within the next week..
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If they are still available, I'd like to have them. Problem seems to be the postage to send them to Germany. I'm not aware of any cheap shipper in the UK, only the other way round. :-(
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Nick Mueller

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