Non Urgent Transport panic

morning all,
Slightly OT, but it is metal Im shipping...
Its not as urgent as Andrews was, but I need to ship a crate that
weighs about 75Kg to Sweden (I hate Ebay!). I can't find anyone who
accepts 'parcels' or more than 30Kg. Does anyone know how Id go about
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dave sanderson
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Have you tried Palletline ? I've had several very good experiences with them within the UK and I've no doubt that they must have international connections
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Andrew Mawson
Its alright, he's arranging shipping from his end. Looked on pallet line, but could seem to get an international quote, did get round to phoning them before it was sorted.
ta anyway
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dave sanderson
Coming in a bit late here, but I'm on one of those Vodafone USB modems that can't seem to pick up a signal properly down in Cornwall. Anyway, problem already solved I see, but for future reference if anyone needs international shipping help, I have accounts with DHL for European Roadfreight and International Air freight.
May not always be able to help, but if anyone gets really stuck then drop me a line.
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Peter Neill
On or around Wed, 24 Oct 2007 01:36:32 -0700, dave sanderson enlightened us thusly:
dunno if they ship to Sweden, but I use Fedex for taking big things to the states. Once it goes over 30Kg or a given volume, it becomes freight.
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Austin Shackles

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