Phoenix MES

A couple of years back at the Sandown Mod Eng Show there were some exhibits from "Phoenix MES"

I understand they are a UK based MES, anyone know where they're based, please?



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Martin Akehurst
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Not sure who you saw at Sandown but if they supplied electric loco's it might be Phoenix Locomotives Ltd who are based in Southport, Merseyside. Alternatively if it was just model engineering supplies it might have been Maidstone Engineering Services who are in Staplehurst Kent.

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Alan Marshall

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Martin, There is no mention of them in the Southern Fed directory but a search on the web throws up some reference.

They are mentioned on the home page of the Telford Steam Railway

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so I would assume they are located somewhere close to them...

A quick company search throws up:

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Which lists their address as:


amongst a lot more other stuff.. But I wouldn't take that as necessarily correct. [The Society for which I am secretary (York) is still listed with the wrong details].

I think the Society could be a member of the Northern Association of ME Societies so they may help with contact details. Contact for details..

Finally, I found the number:- Horsehay 275924 (after 6pm) - but I don't know if it is current.

Hope this helps.

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Pat Martindale


They have a track at the Telford Steam Railway, and take their name from the Phoenix School (or possibly the Phoenix Leisure Centre) in Dawley.

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Charles Lamont

Because that is where they originated from. Originally they had an elevated 5" and 3 1/2" guage elevated track. At their new home they only have a 5" ground level track.

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