Speaking of collets...

--I've got a collet closer I bought used for my Super 7. The collets
are marked Hardinge MA99E. Turns out I've got an *almost* complete set, but
I'm missing one for 5/16". I called Hardinge first and they said they could
run off a "special" for me for a mere $300.-!! So next I checked out ebay
but came up dry. Went to the Myford page but it's still a mess since their
server puked last year. Tried to stay awake last night to call 'em but heavy
eyelids got the best of me. Soooo does anyone have a spare 5/16" collet they
might want to part with?
--Current Plan B (or is that D?) is to make a sleeve for a larger
size, so I can use, say, a 3/8" collet to hold some 5/16" rod. It's a hack,
but not the preferred way to make it happen..
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Good job you fell asleep as they go early on Fridays . -- Regards,
John Stevenson Nottingham, England.
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John Stevenson
In article , steamer writes
ISTR that Myford recently announced that they have just found a new source for the collets (I assume it is the 2MT ones you are talking about) for a price not too far above the old price. Apparently the prices they were quoted from Hardinge were exorbitant, just like you found.
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David Littlewood
I got Hardinge to make me a bespoke MA99E years ago, I wanted it to hold 3/4" stock & have a 9/16 throat.
They gave the task to an apprentice, took him a couple of goes to get it right but well worth the (trivial) price they charged me for it - they took it on as a project for the apprentice, not as a commercial task.
Seems as if the bean counters now have control there, same as everywhere else. That gesture of theirs generated a lot of further sales to me in subsequent months & years.
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Duracell Bunny
--I don't think they're 2 Morse; something purely Hardinge and, according to what I've been able to dig up, originally intended for use on a Myford grinder of some sort. In other news I found out from a pal on the ME-list that someone's advertising them in a recent issue of one of the magazines so I'll explore there a bit more..
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