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On or around Tue, 05 Dec 2006 11:27:14 +0000, Tim Leech enlightened us thusly:
aha, thanks.
I've looked into it a bit - by far the cheapest option is to replace the current motor with a bigger single-phase one. Doesn't get me any more speed, though, but it'd make it easier to use the higher gears it's got.
most of the time I'm doing small diameter jobs, and running faster would be good.
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Variable Frequency Drive.
There are more benefits to be had by using a VFD over any single phase motor other than the ability to alter the speed.
1. Programmable start up ramp usually from zero to many seconds. 2. Same with deceleration. 3. Instant reversing
Plus some others not so obvious ;)
The output frequency and therefore speed can be altered from zero to 200-400 hz in many cases. BUT you have to be sensible! Some motors and other parts of the machine may not be able to withstand such speeds.
As an example, my CNC machining centre has a spindle rated 2 pole motor which does 3000rpm at 50 Hz. I have max frequency set to 100Hz or 6000 rpm, which is what the spindle itself is rated to. I can go from 0.5Hz-100hz in 2 seconds and 100Hz to stop in 0.5 seconds (Braking resistor fitted).
But your 1500 rpm will be easy for a delta connected 3 phase motor and VFD of 3HP rating.
J.S. or others may be able to suggest sources, I have used in the past
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Sometimes eve RS have good prices on VFD's.
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On or around Tue, 05 Dec 2006 19:26:45 GMT, Wayne Weedon enlightened us thusly:
All sounds neat. I assume though that what I need to work this is the VFD and a suitable-sized 3-phase motor?
Unless I can find 'em second hand, I reckon from some study that this would cost about 4x what a bigger single-phase motor would cost, even considering that 4 pole motors cost more than 2-pole.
another nice touch would be to get hold of the clutch which was apparently fitted to single-phase and DC machines, but unless I happened to find one cheap somewhere I'm not likely to do that either.
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