Training set up

A friend is setting up an engineering training facility. There is an initial
need for 5 lathes and a mill.
This is where the problem starts.
To buy new imported machines, or search for months to get second-hand
Colchester's and a Briddgy that may be worn out and doesn't meet H&S
Anyone with experience with the XYZ's, Chester's and Warco's of the world
would be most welcome.
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You can still buy Colchesters, but expect to pay 4 or 5 times as much as for the equivalent import.
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For a training facility, a good quality import is the best bet really; lowish cost, spares backup and a shiny new machine is always easier to learn on than one with sloppy ways, although that's a learning experience in itself. Chuck rash on the ways and the tool post will be a bigger problem than wear in this instance.
The Glasgow College of Nautical Studies bought 6 universal mills and 6 lathes from these chaps a couple of years ago
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AFAIK the only problems they have had is with the switchgear on a couple of the lathes; the control buttons stopped working and it took a dog's age for replacements to arrive, and there was no prospect of replacing just one button as the thing was a unitary 'no user servicable parts within' job.
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Colchesters are imports also.Manufactured by the Dalian M/c Tool group in good old China.Have been for several years. Mark.
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