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>> } > Readers of this newsgroup should find this information useful
>> } > in selecting a good science book as a gift for the holiday season. >> }
>> } I took the trouble to look at this list, and their is not even one
>> } good physics text on it, just a large collection of pop science pulp. >> }
>> } Harry C.
>> The list and the site exist for one reason only: to justify the spam
>> sent by the originator of the message. Gehzi Wing has been spamming
>> many newsgroups for years, all to try to sell one book on that list. >
>That disturbs me too, but not nearly as much as the fact that the list
>fails to contain even one physics text of substance at either the
>introductory, intermediate, or advanced level.
>I find it difficult to take seriously any list of book purporting to
>address physics that lacks the nearly universal introductory physics
>texts like Sears and Zemansky or Halliday and Resnick...let alone
>anything more advanced.
Hey it was told top selling books...
i never saw Landau/Lifschitz, Born, Sommerfeld, Bergmann Schäfer, Feynman...
on such a list...
But Däniken or von Buttlar, so all you can expect to find there popular
but may be one of this books is able to be a christmas gift?
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