Design Engineer (Power Train) needed in Illinois

Design Engineers (hands-on in Pro-E), background in Automotive/Heavy
equipment mfg.
A Fortune 100 company and world's largest construction Equipment
manufacturer is looking for accpomplished Mechanical Engineers, with
experience preferably in Automotive/Heavy Manufacturing industry.
Title: Power Train Design Engineer
Location: Decatur IL
This individual will perform a Designer/Modeler role in the powertrain
components area that supports Motor Graders, Wheel Tractor Scrapers,
and Off-Highway Trucks.
=B7 BS Degree in Mechanical/Agricultural Engineering.
=B7 Minimum of 2 years design/modeling experience; Pro/E solid modeling
experience required.
=B7 Prefer candidates that have previous experience with power train
systems; bearings, gears, housings, shafts, and bolted joints.
=B7 Candidates that do not have previous powertrain experience must
have prior design experience in Off-Highway, Automotive, Lawn Tractor,
Motorcycle, or similar industry.
=B7 Will also consider candidates that have a welded structures design
background or a castings, weldings, and/or forgings design background.
=B7 This position will be required to purchase steel-toed safety shoes.
Interested please contact/email Karan Bandesha at:
(925) 284 0377 x 209
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I don't know John, this is Decatur we're talking about. Ever been there? Depressed little town dominated by Cat and other agricultural giants ADM. The place stinks and they're all cheaper than dirt. Don't know about Owens but they all gave up the reigns on how recruiting was done when they turned it over to a bunch of "technical recruiters".
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David Janes
With all due respect to you folks, I can't deny you guys being miffed on the so-called 'technical recruiters' that really dont have much idea of Engineering recruiting since they dont have a technical background. Well, there's a little difference here and I am myself an Engineer by background, and thus can claim I know what I am doing.
Now if I am looking for someone who has a couple years experience in Design Engineering, then pretty much assuredly the salary is commensurate for that kind of profile; dont know if any of you have some traumatic experiences of being contacted for pennies, provided you deserved much more on account of your background, but please remind yourself that there would be people who are not as experienced as you guys allegedly sound and thus they may be pretty happy with the compensations.
David, I cant say what you have it with Decatur but then you'd rather not expect Designers & Engineers to be working in 5-star hotels and metro-lights. It has to be a dirt-filled and greasy place if an Engineer is to gain some field experience, and that makes me believe you might not be an Engineer at all.
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Hey, goody, Bandesha's goin' to Decatur. Let's all follow Bandesha. And, don't worry, Bandesha, no 5-star hotels for you, ha, no 4-star ones either, but maybe, if your boss is really, really nice, you'll get into that top-of-the-line 3-star hotel, the Holiday Inn, aka, Decatur Conference Center and Hotel which features the Caterpillar Room and the ADM Room. If your boss can't afford the tariff, 2-star hotels abound. Just like what you're used to in Mumbay. Hey, in fact, since most of the motels in Illinois are owned by Indian nationals (as are the Subways and Dunkin' Donuts), you may already know the owners!!
Of course, I'm only going by what others in Caterpillar have told me. I am obviously not an engineer nor have I ever gotten my hands dirty doing the actual work of a factory laborer. I am just an itinerant musician playing offkey on my little whistle. But, from Decatur's reputation within Caterpillar, I'd never visit there much less move there and accept employment in that Caterpillar slum. Now, if you really knew what you're doing and got a choice job to recruit for in Cat, it would be for the Tech Center in Mossville, Illinois, a nothern suburb of that thriving midwest metropolis called Peoria. It is the technical, social and industrial equivalent of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu province ~ socially backward, technically advanced. I'm sure you'd love the technical challenges. It's the cream of Caterpillar. You'd feel good about sending people there. Raise your sights, you can do better than the slums of Illinois.
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David Janes
Mr Bandesha, As a pointer when trying to recruit engineers: we don't really relish being reminded of the poor pay and confusion with washing machine repairmen our profession attracts. Given the choice, I'll take the 5 star hotel & bright lights over the Red Roof & Big Als any day of the week, twice on Saturdays. If you are going to advertise jobs on what is most certainly not a jobs board, (further demonstrating your poor manners, if demonstration were still necessary) at least have the common decency to put the price on the box so we can just laugh wryly and move on.
I wish I'd been a lawyer. Damn.
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John Wade

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