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rel 2001
I have noticed a bug in the way proe handles the fixed index of bulk items.
If you fix the indexes of bulk items, then save the drawing, when you reopen
the drawing these items have lost their fixed indexes and revert to their
original numerical positions.
I have found a solution to this. You must change each of these bulk items to
'Dash Items' i.e. in the Menu "Table|Repeat Region|TBL REGIONS", select
"Dash Item" and pick the quantity value of the bulk items. The number "1" in
the Qty column will change to "-". Then fix the indexes, save the drawing
and the bulk items will remember their fixed indexes.
Does this behaviour change for WF versions?
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I haven't seen this bug in WF. Maybe it's because I set a sort order so that these components always sort to the end of the BOM. Or maybe it's the modification of these items by table relations that remove the quantity and replace it with A/R. Or it could be that I've done the fix index by region, so that any new components get added to the end of the BOM and any components removed just leave a 'hole' in the find number list. One way or the other, I've never seen bulk items renumber. Hopefully you'll get WF one of these days and be able to test it out.
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